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The prophet told me that I am to go to Houston, Texas to visit my daughter and son-in-law, and that I am to stay for three days and once I leave to lay the baby (my grandchild) on the bed that I slept in and that a MIRACLE healing will happen for the baby.

He said that God wanted the anointing on my life to be left in the bed. I followed Prophet Berrian's instructions just as he said. A few days later my daughter called and said the baby had something in her throat and once we laid her in the bed you slept in she spit up and cleared her throat. Thank God my baby is well.

Pastor Williams, Jackson, MS

My four year old daughter was on steroids to keep her lungs from hemorrhaging for three years and she also needed an inhaler all the time. We decided to bring her before the prophet so that he could lay hands on her. When Prophet Berrian held her in his arms he prophesied over her and anointed her with "Holy Blessed Oil" and said, God will do a miracle in her life.

I took her back to the doctor and her medication dosage was lowered and she does not need the inhaler anymore! Praise God for the Gift of Prophecy in his mouth.

Sister Coleine, Atlanta, GA

I applied for a new job position and made a copy of the application form & gave it to the prophet to pray over it. Even though I did not have seniority the prophet said it's yours. Every one at work is confused and amazed at how I got my new position. They want to know who I know. Thank God for my personal prophet.

Bro. Baker, Atlanta, GA

I am not working but Prophet Berrian told me that an Angel of Money would show-up in the month of May and he would bring a blessing to me on May 11th, May 12th and May 13th. I unexpectedly received a letter in the mail from a previous employer stating that I had money in my retirement fund and would I like to have it. I didn't even know that I had a retirement fund.

I also received $2995 from my school. The more I sow into you prophet, the more my dreams keep coming true. It amazes me how speaking a word into someone's life can have extra-ordinary results.

Sister Maranda, Lake Villa, IL